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ユングフラウヨッホ、スイスアルプスのとユングフラウを結ぶ稜線の鞍部にあります。ヨーロッパの屋根として知られており、ユネスコの世界遺産にも登録されています。見下ろすと渦を巻く氷河が見え、向こう側には4,000m級の山頂が見えます。ユングフラウヨッホ頂上には、気象観測所があります。  ...  続きを読む


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ゴンドラリフトは、氷河の深い割れ目を通り、氷河の谷を進みながら、氷や雪に永久に閉ざされた世界の頂上へ連れて行ってくれます。レストランでゆったりと座って標高3,238mのティトリスの壮大な絶景を楽しむのもいいでしょう。  ...  続きを読む

Lake Geneva (Lac Leman)

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Lake Geneva (Lac Léman to the locals) is land-locked Switzerland’s largest body of water, though most of its southern shore is in French territory. The lake is ringed by Alps and almost any ...  続きを読む

Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrucke)

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The Chapel Bridge (or Kapellbrücke) in Lucerne is a 204 meter (670 foot) long bridge crossing the Reuss River located in the upper part of the Swiss city. It was originally constructed in 1333 ...  続きを読む


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ピラトゥス山は、ルツェルンの町に聳え立ち、山上からはルツェルン湖とスイスアルプスの美しい景色が見えます。標高2,132mの山は、2つのケーブルカーがあり、世界一険しい道を走るラック式電車が走ります。ホテル、レストランが並び、たくさんのアウトドアーが楽しめます。雄大な景色の中、トボガンソリ、マウンテンバイクやハイキングも楽しめ、ロープをスライドして遊ぶアスレチック的なロープパークもあります。  ...  続きを読む

Maison Tavel

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The oldest example of domestic architecture in Geneva, the Maison Tavel traces its origins to the beginning of the 14th century, with its layers revealing the wealth and prestige of its various ...  続きを読む

Patek Philippe Museum (Musee Patek Philippe)

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Patek Philippe is one of the most prestigious names in timekeeping, their watches having graced many a royal wrist since the company’s inception in 1839. Their museum accordingly devotes much ...  続きを読む


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The lakeside medieval town of Lucerne is one of Switzerland’s prettiest destinations, well-deserving of a day’s exploration of its historic sites. A picture-perfect town, its proud symbol is the ...  続きを読む

Lindt & Sprungli Chocolate Factory Outlet

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Swiss chocolate is as famous as mountains, clocks or Heidi. And so it should be - it's smooth and delicious, especially that made by Lindt & Sprüngli. It's worth traveling to see where it is ...  続きを読む

Aletsch Glacier


Recognized as the largest glacier in the Swiss Alps, Altesch glacier stretches across nearly 50 square miles of protected mountain terrain. While visitors lament its far-flung proximity to any major ...  続きを読む