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Cathedral of Notre Dame

Second only to Paris’ famous cathedral of the same name, the Strasbourg Cathedral de Notre-Dame (also known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg, or simply, Strasbourg Cathedral) is the second-most-visited cathedral in France, drawing up to 4 million annual visitors. With its 465-foot (142-meter) spire (the second-highest in France) and dramatic red façade sculpted from Vosges sandstone, the cathedral is Strasbourg’s most unmistakable landmark and was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1988.

While the cathedral’s history dates back to 1015, the majority of the present-day structure dates from between the 12th and 15th centuries, blending a cornucopia of architectural styles from Romanesque to Late Gothic. Highlights include a series of 12th-century stained glass windows, a magnificent 18-meter-tall astronomical clock and the 66-meter high viewing platform, reached by a grand 300-step spiral staircase and offering unbeatable views over the city.



プライベートツアー: フランクフルトからのストラスブールとシュヴァルツヴァルトへの日帰り旅行

フランクフルトからの一日プライベートツアーでドイツのシュヴァルツヴァルト地域とフランスの町であるストラスブールを旅行しましょう。プライベートガイドと一緒に温泉街であるバーデン=バーデンのウォーキングツアーを楽しむことができます。その後は神秘的なムンメル湖に写真撮影のため立ち寄り、その後は午後のほとんどを美しいストラスブ ...  続きを読む

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