Klis Fortress

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Klis Fortress
Built into the limestone bluffs outside of Split, the imposing Klis Fortress was once an important defensive stronghold between the Mediterranean and the Balkans. It housed the seat of many Croatian kings, though nowadays it’s better known as the film location for the fictional city of Meereen in the series Game of Thrones.
The Basics
History buffs and Game of Thrones fans will enjoy a Klis Fortress tour. Wander the windy tunnels and towers of Croatia’s largest defensive structure on your own or explore the fortress on a Game of Thrones-themed tour.
Enjoy incredible panoramas of Split and the Adriatic Sea down below, and tour the museum’s collections of historical weapons and armor. On a Game of Thrones tour, learn how the series was filmed and get insider info about the cast.
Things to Know Before You Go
  • Klis Fortress is a must-see for Game of Thrones fans.
  • The fortress paths can be steep and rocky, so wear good walking shoes.
  • There are no safety measures or signs telling you to keep away from the edges, so watch your step and make sure to supervise young children.
  • You’re free to explore every nook and cranny in the fortress, but please treat this ancient relic with respect.
How to Get There
Klis is only 9 miles (14 kilometers) north of Split. Most visitors arrive by car, public bus transport, or as part of a guided tour from Split. The simplest way by bus is no. 22 from the HNK (theater) station in Split, which drops you off in the village of Klis right below the fortress. Bus 22 only runs on weekdays.
When to Get There
Klis Fortress is not overly crowded, so anytime is perfect for a visit. Klis is one of the few Game of Thrones filming locations not jam-packed with tourists, but arrive early when the fortress first opens or later in the afternoon for the best chance of having the place to yourself. Go late in the day if you’re visiting during the winter for the chance to capture incredible panoramas of Split at sunset.

Game of Thrones Klis Fortress Tours
Visit Klis Fortress as part of a Game of Thrones tour to see the areas of the fortress used during filming. Get behind-the-scenes insight into how this medieval fortress was turned into the fictional city of Meereen. Tours may also include other Game of Thrones film locations, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Diocletian's Palace and King’s Landing in Dubrovnik.
住所: Split, Croatia, クロアチア

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