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Bibury is a village in the Cotswolds of England and the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of Gloucestershire. It lies along the River Coln, which is a tributary of the River Thames. Visitors can stroll down Arlington Row to admire cottages that were built in the late 1300s as monastic wool stores. In the 17th century, they were covered into the weavers' cottages you see today. Many of the ornate buildings have protection status, and this row of cottages is featured on the inside cover of all United Kingdom passports. It has also been used in television and movie filming, such as Bridget Jones Diary.

Bibury is also rich in natural and wildlife attractions. Rack Isle, which is named for where wool was once hung to dry on racks, is a water meadow that provides an important home for many plants and birds. Here you can see mallards, coots, moorhens, water voles, marsh orchids, flag irises, and marsh marigolds.




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このロンドン発の日帰りツアーでは、イングランドの美しい風景と豊かな歴史・文化遺産を訪れます。 専門ガイドと一緒に、サー・ウィンストン・チャーチルの出生地で、ユネスコ世界遺産に登録されている壮麗なマナーハウス(大邸宅)や、ブレナム宮殿(Blenheim Palace)を間近で見学します。 ...  続きを読む

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ロンドンの喧騒から抜け出し、絵のように美しいコッツウォルズ(Cotswolds)でランチを楽しむ日帰り旅行に出かけませんか。 現代の色に染まらずに昔のままの姿を留め、美しい村が点在するなだらかな丘の広がるコッツウォルズ地方では、永遠のイングランドと思えるような風景に出会えます。 ...  続きを読む

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