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Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

Located within People’s Square, the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall may not sound like something a tourist would be interested in, but it’s actually one of the city’s best museums. Opened in 2000, the exhibition space within the modern, fives-story building showcases Shanghai’s development from ancient times well into the future.

The museum’s crowning jewel is a massive scale model of the city as it might look come 2020 (with the inclusion of buildings green-lighted for construction) and a wraparound 3D theater that gives visitors a glimpse into Future Shanghai. The museum space also features art and design exhibitions by Chinese and international artists. To fully appreciate your time in Shanghai, kick off your time with a morning or afternoon at the museum. Be sure to pick up an English audio guide -- well worth the extra fee -- to help you understand each of the exhibits.



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上海をツアーで回り、このアジアで最も発展を遂げている街の魅力を探ります。「東洋のパリ」と呼ばれる上海は、経済や文化、さらに社会面でも急速な発展を遂げています。東方明珠電視塔や浦東公園を見学し、黄浦江のクルーズもお楽しみください。 続きを読む

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