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Shanghai Old Town (Nanshi)

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At first glance the Old Town of Shanghai might seem like just another tourist trap, but Nanshi, as it used to be called (or Southern Town as most of the residents of the city call it) has a genuinely fascinating history.

This part of town predates the colonial presence in Shanghai. It's bordered by Renmin Lu and Zhonghua Lu, roads that echo the line of walls built in the 15th century to keep out Japanese pirates and since demolished. You'll get a feel for a brand of Chinese urban living that's fast disappearing - and you might just find a bargain in the process.



プライベートグループツアー: 公共交通機関を利用した上海の一日ツアー

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上海は、面白い話や有名なランドマークが盛り沢山のすばらしい街です。このプライベートツアーは、お客さまとお客さまのグループだけを対象に企画します。公共交通機関を使い、現地ガイドについて行けば、上海の有名な観光地、歴史、文化について知ることができます。この興味深い1日ツアーに参加した後は、地元の文化と暮らしについて、きっと ...  続きを読む

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