Lupu Bridge

Lupu Bridge
When Shanghai’s Lupu Bridge was completed in 2003, it was the world’s longest spanning steel arch bridge. The bridge with a total length of 12,795 feet (3,900 meters) and a main span of 1,805 feet (550 meters) takes its name from the two districts that it connects, Luwan and Pudong, and it extends across the Huangpu River.
The Basics
Lupu Bridge, built to serve the rapidly developing areas on the southern side of the Huangpu River, is the river’s seventh bridge. Known for its use of cable-stayed, arch, and suspension technology, it was in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and won the 2008 IABSE Outstanding Structure Award. The bridge accommodates six traffic lanes and allows ships up to 70,000 tons to pass underneath. Some Huangpu River cruises offer views of the bridge.

Things to Know Before You Go
  • The observation deck at the top of the bridge is no longer open.
  • Pedestrians are not allowed on the bridge.
  • The Luwan district was merged into the Huangpu district in 2011.
  • Book a cruise for a close-up look at the Huangpu River.
How to Get There
From Pudong, Lupu Bridge can be accessed from the on-ramps to North-South Elevated Road, northbound on Jiyang Road or westbound on Yaohua Road. From Huangpu, the bridge can be accessed from Luban Road interchange. Various buses also lead to the bridge, with the closest access points at Luban Road stop or Lupu Bridge stop. You can also take the metro, Line 13, to Shibo Dadao Station.

When to Get There
The bridge can be crossed as a motorist at any time, although traffic conditions vary depending on time of day. The best views of the bridge are at night, when it’s lit up.
Views of the Bridge
Although the bridge can no longer be accessed by pedestrians, it is still an impressive bridge to see. If driving across isn’t an option, visitors can get good views of the bridge from the site of the 2010 World Expo or on a Huangpu River cruise.
住所: Lu Ban Lu, Huang Pu Qu, Shanghai, 中国

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