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Seville Cathedral (Catedral de Santa María de la Sede)

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When the designers of the Seville Cathedral set out to build a new church on the site of the city's old mosque, they didn't hold back. They wanted the best of the best, excess of excess, and they got it. Building of this new cathedral 'like no other' began in the 1400s and wasn't completed until the 1500s. It's still the biggest Gothic cathedral in the world, and the third-largest church. It has 80 chapels. And oh, what's inside those chapels! Gold...and more gold; priceless works of art by the likes of Goya and Murillo; stained glass; and, it's said, the remains of Christopher Columbus. Next to the cathedral is the Giralda Tower, once the minaret of the mosque that made way for the cathedral, now a bell tower. Climb the steep ramps, designed for horses and riders, to the very top for incomparable views of Seville and its cathedral.




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マドリッドから列車で出かける1日ツアー(往復)では、アンダルシア州の魅力的な州都セビリアで、有名なオレンジの木と美しい建築群を見学します。 マドリッドのアトーチャ駅でAVEの列車に乗車します。セビリア駅で知識の豊富な現地ガイドがお待ちしています。 ...  続きを読む

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