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Tapgol Park

Formerly known as Pagoda Park, this small public gathering place was once the home of a Buddhist Temple and still holds an important place in Korean history. That’s because the March 1st Movement, part of the nation’s move towards independence from Japanese rule, took place in Tapgol Park.

Visitors can wander the grounds, which offer a number of places for quiet reflection, including an old pagoda dating back to the 15 Century. Impressive stone statues dot the grounds, which most travelers agree can be seen in about 30 minutes. Tapgol Park is perfect for relaxing on the way to or from nearby Isna-dong.



ソウルのダーク サイドに触れる夜のゴースト ツアー

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韓国で最も人気のゴーストツアー!ソウルで人気の高い現地ツアーのひとつ観光パンフレットでは見られないソウルの一面です。血塗られた大虐殺、怪しげな隠れ家、嘆きの幽霊など、ソウルの忘れ去られた600年の歴史の裏路地を辿るツアーを行います。ツアーの千里眼を自称する人が、グループの周遊についてくる少女などの数件の目撃例を報告して ...  続きを読む

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