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San Antonio Valley

Located a one hour drive from both Santiago and San Antonio, San Antonio Valley is one of the youngest wine growing regions in Chile. It was at the turn of the century when high quality wines started getting produced here with increasing success: elegant Sauvignon Blancs, Chardonnays and the otherwise rare Pinot Noirs. The proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the Humboldt Current are responsible for cool mornings, warm days and a significant temperature drop during the night. Spring frosts happen with regularity as well, all of which leads to a longer ripening period of the grapes. The result are especially aromatic grapes that are well balanced in sugars and acids.

Despite its rising popularity, San Antonio Valley is still very small compared to the other sprawling centers of the Chilean wine production and hosts only a small number of producers. Instead of mass producing, these wineries have each found their specializations in the beautiful hilly terrain.