Matetic Vineyard

Matetic Vineyard is located in the San Antonio Valley, a Chilean wine region about 120 kilometers west of the capital Santiago. With its abundant sunshine, cool breezes from the Pacific Ocean and irrigation by fresh water from the Andes, the region offers the perfect climate for growing wine. Additionally, high temperature fluctuations between day and night force the roots of the vines to penetrate deeply into the soil to provide themselves with nutrients, a fact that gives the grapes grown in the valley a strong and distinctive flavor. Matetic’s wines are known for their elegance as well as the intensity of the pure fruit and several well-known vintages are produced here, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Noir. 

The winery was founded by the Matetic family in 1999 and due to the high quality standards and the specialization in biodynamic farming, Matetic Vineyard managed to soon become one of the leading wineries in Chile. There is no use of chemical pesticides and additionally, the fertilizer comes from the waste of the farm’s own animals. Equally balanced and eco-conscious is a visit to Matetic Vineyard. Visitors not only get to experience the wine making process and sample fine wines, but are also encouraged to enjoy the serene countryside and go exploring on horseback or mountain bikes. The vineyard also hosts a hotel called La Casona, a stunning colonial country home, as well as a restaurant specialized in complimenting the wine with a range of typical Chilean dishes.
住所: Chile, チリ

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