Estancia el Cuadro

Estancia el Cuadro
Estancia el Cuadro is maybe most well known for being the convention center for wine tourism in the Casablanca region and hosting a wide variety of cultural as well as wine-related activities. Apart from the sizable restaurant and meeting rooms, which are often used to accommodate weddings and big corporate events, there is also a rodeo field, a chapel, a wine garden and Casablanca’s first wine museum. The latter offers a glimpse into the wine making process with original wine-making machinery and displays showing the different stages of distillation. Surrounding the property is a 4.7-acre park that includes numerous walking trails, perfectly pruned trees and a fish pond with a water fountain.  

There are several tours visitors can sign up for, ranging from the usual wine tastings teaching flavors, textures and aromas to tours about history, traditions and enology. One of the highlights at Estancia el Cuadro is a ride in a horse-drawn carriage though, which takes visitors on a special tour through the surrounding vineyard and has the coachman explaining more about wine growing techniques and why Casablanca Valley manages to produce some of the finest wine in the world.  
住所: Casablanca, Chile, チリ

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