Big Rock Falls (Rio on Pools)

Big Rock Falls is a large waterfall located in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve that attracts a number of visitors who enjoy swimming and cliff jumping.

Part of the Vaca Plateau, the falls can be reached via a short, but somewhat difficult, 15-minute hike. The trek is pretty much straight down and includes a fairly steep section with a not so sturdy railing and a rope to hold on to and aid in the climb down. Once at the water level, you must walk over slippery, uneven slabs of granite rock. The deep emerald pools are perfect for swimming or cliff jumping, and the water is very deep so there is little risk of hitting the bottom when jumping in. 

Getting to Big Rock Falls from San Ignacio can be an adventure in itself. The drive is approximately 13 miles over unpaved roads throughout Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve with scenic views.

Practical Info

Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve is part of the Cayo District and includes the Privassion River. The trail to reach Big Rock Falls is about 300 yards and the climb down into the gorge is about 130 feet. If you plan to get wet at Big Rock Falls, bring a change of dry clothes, bug spray, and sunblock. You should be in moderate physical shape to hike down to Big Rock Falls. Those uncomfortable with uneven terrain may want to skip Big Rock Falls as well and check out Rio On Pools.
住所: Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, Cayo, Belize, ベリーズ

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