Belize Botanic Gardens

Located in the Cayo district of Belize, the Belize Botanic Gardens encompass 45 acres of native and exotic plants. The area was once cattle pasture prior to its purchase by an amateur botanist and his wife. Due to rising costs related to exporting Belize’s noted bananas and citrus fruits, the couple began to experiment with tropical fruits that could flourish locally and command a higher price on the export market. Belize's lack of a registered botanic garden was later noted, and the idea to turn this spot into one was set in motion. Today, the Belize Botanic Gardens have been a place of study and work on local plant conservation. 

Collections at the gardens change by season, but don't miss the Native Orchid House that includes over 100 species of native Belizean orchids. Other exhibits include Palms of Belize, Zingiber Alley, Hamilton Bird Hide and Plants of the Maya. The only botanic garden in the country, this site includes both native and exotic plants of Belize, as well as non-native and non-invasive species.

Practical Info

Belize Botanic Gardens is located about 10 miles past San Ignacio Town on Chial Road. It’s open daily from 7am to 4pm.
住所: San Ignacio, Belize, ベリーズ

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