サンフランシスコの観光スポット 目的地を全て表示 

Grace Cathedral

One of Nob Hill’s many stunning highlights, Grace Cathedral holds many interesting features. Its spectacular stained-glass windows include a series dedicated to human endeavor, depicting such modern figures as Thurgood Marshall, Robert Frost, and Albert Einstein, who is uplifted in a swirl of nuclear particles. Day and night you'll notice people absorbed in thought while walking the outdoor, inlaid stone labyrinth, meant to guide restless souls through three spiritual stages: releasing, receiving and returning.

Grace Cathedral also embodies a commitment to pressing social issues in its AIDS Memorial Chapel, which has a bronze altarpiece by artist-activist Keith Haring. Here his signature figures are angels taking flight – especially powerful imagery as this was his last work before death by AIDS in 1990. Alongside this magical ambience, Grace Cathedral also lifts spirits with Sunday services and musical performances.