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San Diego Old Town

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San Diego Old Town is a pleasant place to soak up some history, browse for souvenirs, and perhaps enjoy a Mexican meal. Old Town is the site of the original pueblo (village) that sprang up in San Diego below the mission and fortress back in the 18th century. It preserves five of the original adobe (mud brick) buildings alongside scores of recreated structures, including a schoolhouse and a newspaper office.

Your first stop should be the Old Town State Historic Park Visitors Center, which has memorabilia and a video of local history. The center is located in the main plaza. Across from the visitor center is Casa de Estudillo, a restored adobe home filled with authentic period furniture, which is worth a look. Just off the plaza's northwestern corner is the Plaza del Pasado, which has a colorful collection of import shops and restaurants. The area is also home to the Old Town Trading Company, a charming gift shop selling various trinkets.




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このロサンゼルス発の日帰り旅行では、日差しの強いサンディエゴを探索し、南カリフォルニアで最も美しい風景をお楽しみ下さい。 ラホヤで時間を過ごし、本物の米軍航空母艦ミッドウェイの中に入り、コロナド島内を巡ります。 サンディエゴのオールドタウンを散策し、この土地ならではの世界マーケット「バザール デル ...  続きを読む

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乗り降り自由のトローリーツアーの1日または2日券を使って、のんびりとサンディエゴを楽しみましょう。サンディエゴで一番人気のある名所をマイペースで見てまわる旅程をご自身で立てて下さい。 続きを読む

  • ロケーション: サンディエゴ, カリフォルニア州
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