Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum
Ever since 1874, when this Natural History Museum became Southern California’s first scientific institution, researchers have been working to showcase the tales of the world around us. In this highly interactive, highly educational, natural history museum focused on the region of southern and Baja California, visitors can learn everything from the mysteries of fossils to the saga of California’s water. Sit back and enjoy a film inside the enormous 3D theater, or compare the shapes of over 200 skulls from a wide assortment of animals.

The scientists and researchers who work with the museum are some of the top in their field, and have dedicated their lives to explaining and learning the secrets of the natural world. Whether it’s trying to figure out why whales breach in the nearby waters offshore, or exploring the astounding biodiversity of the greater San Diego region, there’s always something intriguing and new taking place inside this museum.
住所: 1788 El Prado, San Diego, California, アメリカ

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