Morro de Sao Paulo

Bahia not relaxed enough for you? Then try Morro de Sao Paulo, the ultimate island getaway.

The complete opposite to its big city namesake Sao Paulo, Morro (as it's better known to the locals) is only accessible by plane or boat. And once you're there, there's no transport (unless you include wheelbarrows, tractors and buggies!) - you'll have to use foot power to propel you from one gorgeous beach to the next.

There are four main beaches (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th!) with distinct flavors on Morro de Sao Paulo. Second Beach (Segunda Praia) is the liveliest and most popular at night for beach parties, while Third Beach (Terceira Praia) offers the largest range of accommodation options and some of the island's best diving (thanks to a large coral reef). Fourth Beach (offers a chance to find some solitude and experience the island's natural beauty uninterrupted.

Further exploration of the island's coastline brings you to yet more pristine beaches, a tiny fishing village, and further away from the crowds. The small town of Gamboa - a 30-minute walk from the dock in Morro de Sao Paulo - is an increasingly popular place to stay for visitors seeking more seclusion.

Practical Info

Bring plenty of cash to Morro de Sao Paulo because there is only one ATM (Banco do Brasil). Some restaurants and pousadas will accept credit cards but cash is definitely the island’s main currency.

Morro de Sao Paulo is 272km (179mi) from Salvador by road (to Valença the nearest island) and 60km (37.2mi) by sea. There are a few options for sea transport: catamarans (2 hours, from Mercado Modelo) and ferries (2 hours from Terminal Marítimo de São Joaquim). Flying from Salvador’s International Airport is the quickest option and takes approximately 30 minutes.

住所: Morro de Sao Paulo, ブラジル
営業時間: Open year-round

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