Fonte Nova Stadium

Opened in 2013, this massive stadium, which seats some 55,000 sports fans, was built by German architects and played host to World Cup excitement in 2014. Teams from Spain, Nigeria, Switzerland and the Netherlands have all graced the green of this iconic field. And in 2016, Fonte Nova Stadium again posed as a global soccer stage during the Summer Olympics. 

Travelers agree that the impressive sports structure is worth checking out. A positive police presence has increased security, making it relatively safe and easy to move around the sports Mecca. While there are few places of interest beyond the gates of Fonte Nova, guided tours—which include a behind-the-scenes look at the locker rooms and playing field where some of the world’s top soccer players have already stepped foot—make it worth a visit for soccer fans and sports fanatics alike. 

Practical Info

The stadium is accessible by cab, but travelers should note that vehicles are only permitted to travel to specified locations. As a result, visitors must walk around two or three kilometers to stadium’s entrance. Catching a cab post-match can be a true test of patience, so travelers should be prepared to wait. 
住所: Ladeira da Fonte das Pedras, Salvador, Brazil 40050-565, ブラジル

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