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エルミタージュ美術館は、世界三大美術館の一つです。エルミタージュ美術館は、最も歴史ある美術館の一つとして有名であり、建物の外観、内装、そしてコレクションどれをとってもとても印象的です。エルミタージュ・コレクションの始まりは、エカチェリーナ2世が美術品を買い取り、自分専用の「エルミタージュ(隠れ家)」である美術展示室を ...  続きを読む

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

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Possibly the most iconic site in St. Petersburg after the Hermitage Museum, the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood stands out with its multicolored ...  続きを読む

Fabergé Museum

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Peter Carl Fabergé was born in St Petersburg in 1846 and went into the family jewelry business. Appointed to serve the Russian court in 1885, he became ...  続きを読む

Russian Vodka Museum

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Fittingly for a drink that dates right back to the 12th century, the perfect place to sample Russian vodka is located in St Petersburg’s former military ...  続きを読む

Peter and Paul Fortress

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No visit to St Petersburg is really complete without spending a few hours at the site where it all began – the Peter & Paul Fortress. This is the original ...  続きを読む

Monument to Catherine the Great

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Catherine the Great was loved by the people of Russia, and her reign is often referred to as the golden age of Russia. Alexander II wanted to honor the ...  続きを読む

Nevsky Prospekt

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Nevsky Prospekt (Не́вский проспе́кт) is the most famous street in Russia and main street of St. Petersberg, spanning from the Admiralty (Адмиралтейства) to ...  続きを読む

Admiralty Building

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The Admiralty Building is one of St. Petersburg's oldest structures. It was built by Peter the Great and originally served as a dockyard. It once housed the ...  続きを読む

Pavlovsk Palace

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Built in 1777 under commission of Catherine the Great and featuring the works of architects like Charles Cameron, Jacomo Quarengi and Carlo Rossi, the stately ...  続きを読む

St Isaac's Cathedral

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With its gigantic golden dome coated with over 220 pounds of gold and an impressive red granite portico, St Isaac’s Cathedral looks more like a palace than a ...  続きを読む

St Nicholas Naval Cathedral

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One of the few churches that survived the city’s Communist years, the St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral remains an impressive sight with its fairytale-esque white ...  続きを読む

Anichkov Palace

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Guarding the western end of Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg’s busiest shopping boulevard, Anichkov Palace is one of the street’s oldest buildings, occupying a ...  続きを読む

Alexander Garden

Just west of the Kremlin, the Alexander Garden was laid out between 1819 and 1823 in an effort by Tsar Alexander I to rebuild Moscow after the end of the ...  続きを読む

Constantine Palace

Located in the seaside town of Strelna, the Constantine Palace today forms part of the National Congress Palace complex of St. Petersburg. Strelna was ...  続きを読む

Dostoevsky Museum

Officially known as the F.M. Dostoevsky Literary Memorial Museum, this museum celebrates the life of Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky. It was opened in 1971 ...  続きを読む