Cinecitta World

Having just opened in 2014, Cinecitta World is Italy’s newest amusement park and the largest film studio in Europe. Dedicated solely to film and entertainment, eight film sets, four theaters, and twenty attractions comprise the main area. The park was built in the Castel Romano complex atop former a film studio, and remains an homage to great Italian cinema produced here in the 1960s. Films such as Gangs of New York, Ben-Hur, and Dante's Inferno were brought to life in this space.

Visitors today are immersed in the experience of filmmaking, having the chance to go behind-the-scenes in former and imagined movie sets. Oscar-winning composer Ennio Morricone created the soundtrack for the Western themed set, and designer and art director Dante Ferretti completed the initial drawing plans. The idea is that the line between fiction and reality becomes blurred during the experience. The park also has two rollercoasters and live themed shows daily.
住所: Via di Castel Romano, 200, Roma, Italy 00128, イタリア

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