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Castel Gandolfo

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Considered by many to be one of Italy’s most scenic towns, the quiet hamlet of Castel Gandolfo is located in the Alban Hills overlooking Lake Albano. With fewer than 10,000 people calling this quaint village home, Castel Gandolfo offers travelers a picturesque escape from some of the country’s larger, more urban destinations. The place is so popular among locals in search of the serene that even the pope vacations in this beautiful resort town.

Travelers will find idyllic summer villas and cottages—some dating back to the 17th century—in addition to some remarkable religious architecture, like the iconic Church of Our Lady of the Lake. It’s possible to visit the Apostolic Palace of Castel Gandolfo, where the pope spends his summers, as well as the Vatican Observatory. Castel Gandolfo is also home to ancient religious ruins, a former castle and a stunning hidden natural bath inside a darkened cave.




10時間のヴェスパレンタルで、ローマを象徴するスクーターに乗ってローマの田園地帯を巡りましょう。125ccのヴェスパに乗ってアッピア街道を走り抜けましょう。カステッリ ロマーニとして知られるフラスカーティからヴィラ アルドブランディーニ、カステル ...  続きを読む

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ローマの喧騒を逃れ、絵に描いたように美しい丘が広がるカステッリロマーニを訪れる半日ツアーにぜひご参加ください。 のどかなアルバンヒルズをのんびり旅しながら、途中、アルバーノ湖、カステルガンドルフォ(Castel Gandolfo)、ロッカディパーパ(Rocca di ...  続きを読む

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