Leme Beach (Praia do Leme)

Leme Beach (Praia do Leme)
Leme Beach is a natural extension of famous Copacabana, although unlike its popular, high profile neighbor, Leme Beach is a calm stretch of sand where fishermen, locals, and neighborhood residents enjoy the calming sound of the sea without the choking crowds. While technically located along the same stretch of sand as Copacabana Beach, Leme Beach is the final half mile of the northern stretch of the beach. Here, visitors will also find Leme Fort—an historic outpost used by the military that still houses collections of guns. For a view looking down on Copacabana Beach, make the climb up the forested hill on the northern end of the sand, where monkeys prance in the coastal treetops and a breeze rolls in off the sea. For another shot of the horseshoe shaped beach, follow the coastal walking trail around the rocky headland, where fishermen line the rocky shore and casually cast their lines. Looking south, the glitz and glamor of Copcabana is visible off in the distance—but the scene right here at Praia do Leme is tranquil and welcomingly calm. 
住所: Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, ブラジル

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