Phantasialand is a theme park near Cologne, Germany with attractions for all ages. The park has six different themed areas, including Fantasy, Deep in Africa, Berlin, Mexico, Mystery, and China Town, where you can enjoy rides and attractions based on the theme. There is a steam carousel, a log flume ride, water rides, playgrounds and activities for children. The park has a good mix of calm entertainment and thrilling adventures, and visitors can experience relaxing boat trips and cable car rides as well as looping roller coasters. Other attractions include the Maus au Chocolat, the Talocan roller coaster, and the Wakobato water ride.  

In the winter, Phantasialand has winter-themed illuminations and special events like the Berlin Advent, the Wild West Christmas, and the Christmas market food and drink tour. The park hosts special shows throughout the year. There are two hotels connected with the park for those who want an extended visit. Several restaurants, cafes, and bars conveniently located throughout the park. 

Practical Info

Phantasialand is located at Berggeiststrasse 31-41 in Brühl, about 20 minutes by train from Cologne. Opening hours are 9am to 6pm from late March to late June and late August to late October, 9am to 8pm late June to late August, and 11am to 8pm late November to early January. Admission is 24 euros for children ages 4-11 and seniors ages 60 and up, and 45 euros for adults ages 12 and up.
住所: Berggeiststraße 31-41, Brühl, Germany 50321, ドイツ
営業時間: Daily 9am-6pm
入場料: Adults €45(12+), Children(4-11) and Seniors €24

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+81 6 4560 2975
お問い合わせはこちら:+81 6 4560 2975