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House of Mumm

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In 1827, three German brothers brought their experience of producing and merchandising wine to the Champagne region. Jacobus, Gottlieb and Phillip Mumm founded the House of Mumm, and set about producing some of the most well-regarded and celebrated champagnes in the world.

In 1852, the business was taken over by Georges Hermann Mumm, and under his direction, the winery was producing over 3 million bottles of champagne a year. In the 1920s, a Parisian lawyer named Rene LaLou became president, and for the next 50 years, Mumm champagnes greatly increased the house's output while maintaining the quality of the product set a century before. A period of malaise and lackluster vintages followed his death, but in the 1990s, technological innovations and tinkering with the grape compositions ensured that the legendary excellence of Mumm champagnes was here to stay.




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パリからの日帰り旅行で有名なシャンパーニュ地方で1日を過ごす記念に、シャンパンを1杯お楽しみください。 見事なブドウ園、印象的な歴史文化遺産、世界一流のシャンパンで有名なこの地方は、フランスの首都パリからのエクスカーションに最適です。 エペルネでメルシエのセラーを探索します。 マムのシャンパンメゾン(Maison ...  続きを読む

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