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Otago Central

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If you're seeking the thrill of a fine glass of wine or a round of golf then Central Otago could be just your place. The hottest, coldest and driest part of New Zealand is also home to some of its most adorable towns and finer vineyards.

The capital of Central Otago is Alexandra and its boutique hotels are a great base for exploring. The highlights of Central Otago (besides its gourmet delights) include the very well-preserved gold-rush towns of Ophir and St Bathans, the art-deco charms of Ranfurly and the picturesque orchards of the fruit-bowl area surrounding Cromwell. Eleven golf courses dot the countryside and curling (the ancient Scottish sport) is popular in Naseby where you can play in year-round facilities. Otherwise the majority of action takes place along the Central Otago Rail Trail with walkers, cyclists and horse riders all enjoying the gentle gradient of the former railway line.



クイーンズタウン発マウントクック ツアー

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クイーンズタウンと周辺の緑深い農地を出て北へ向かいます。曲がりくねったカワラウ渓谷から険しい山脈と鏡のような湖に変わっていく見事な風景を眺めておくつぎ下さい。 セントラル オタゴの歴史ある金採鉱地域からリンディス パスを通ってオマラマの農業地域を進んできます。 続きを読む

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クイーンズタウンからクライストチャーチまでこの片道ツアーで、マウントクックを囲む険しい眺めと美しい田園風景を眺めながら南島の雄大な美を堪能しましょう。 続きを読む

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