Nevis Swing

To put in perspective just how high the Nevis Swing actually is, the launch deck from where the swing is released is higher than the highest elevation of three different US states. From a platform approximately 530 feet above the valley floor, drink in the panoramic view of the surrounding Southern Alps—and then fly at speeds over 70mph in a free fall down towards the ground. Unlike traditional bungy jumping (which is located right next door), the Nevis Swing is an enormous pendulum where travelers race across the sky in a high-speed, 300-meter arc. Also unlike bungy jumping, it’s possible to strap yourself into your harness in whichever position you choose—whether that’s backwards, upside down, facing forward, or tandem jumping with a friend. Since the Nevis Swing is operated jointly with the nearby Nevis Bungy, travelers can combine the pendulum swing with the highest bungy in New Zealand, and get a double dose of adrenaline in the adventure capital of the world.

Practical Info

The minimum age for the Nevis Bungy is 10 years old, and all jumpers must weigh between 78 and 485 pounds. Since the Nevis is located on private land all guests must meet in the center of Queenstown and travel by 4x4 bus. Round trip travel time is approximately 4 hours from Queenstown, and guests should pack multiple layers of clothing during any time of the year.
住所: Queenstown, New Zealand, ニュージーランド
営業時間: 8:40AM-2:40PM
入場料: Adult $195, Tandum $175pp, Child (10-14) $145

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