Rosary Chapel (Capilla del Rosario)

Modest from the outside, yet stunningly ornate and garnished with gold on the inside, the Capilla del Rosario of Puebla stands as a brilliant example of Mexican Baroque architecture and style. Walking in, you’re completely surrounded by elaborate decoration covered in gold leaf, talavera tile, and onyx stone, often bathed in natural light. Its highly detailed artistry is not just overwhelming to see, it is considered a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Sculptures of angels and saints adorn the walls alongside golden vines framing oil paintings. The paintings depict the life of Jesus Christ as well as the mysteries of the rosary. The centerpiece of it all is a beautiful altar dedicated to the Virgin Mary. 

In all of its splendor, the chapel is considered by many to be the eighth wonder of the art world. Joined to the larger Iglesia de Santo Domingo, the chapel is the first dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary in Mexico. For many, it is a primary draw to the historic town of Puebla, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Practical Info

The chapel is located beside the Church of Santo Domingo in the Zona Colonial of Puebla, Mexico. Puebla can be reached in approximately two hours driving time from Mexico City.
住所: Calle 5 de Mayo, Centro, Puebla, Mexico, メキシコ

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