Pinkas Synagogue and Cemetery

There are dozens of places to honor fallen Jews in the city of Prague, but few are as iconic—or as striking—as the Pinkas Synagogue and nearby cemetery. Travelers who enter into the dark doors of Pinkas will find walls inscribed with the more than 77,000 Jews who were killed during the Holocaust, a stunning representation of the atrocity on a visual scale. At the front of the structure a list of concentration camps where men and women perished is listed and the Synagogue’s second floor showcases a small exhibit of moving children’s art.

The nearby burial site serves as the final resting place for some 20,000 Jews. Travelers can wander the well-worn path through 12 layers of graves that belong to famous rabbis, poets and scholars. Off-kilter stones worn by decades of weather serves as a reminder of all that was lost and provide a space of quiet contemplation for visitors.
住所: Široká 23/3, 110 00, Prague, Czech Republic, チェコ共和国



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