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Pisa Duomo

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Pisa’s marvelously striped marble cathedral is a textbook example of Pisan Romanesque architecture, dating back to 1064.

Roughly cross-shaped, the duomo features a galleried exterior topped with a small dome and completed with a rounded apse.

Inside, the building’s five naves create a sea of pillars rising to a golden coffered ceiling.

Much medieval detail was lost during a disastrous fire in 1595, but the mosaic by Cimabue surrounding the altar survived intact. Another highlight is the ornately carved pulpit by Giovanni Pisano.




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フィレンツェ発の1日ツアーで歴史都市のピサとルッカを探索し、トスカーナにある最も美しいルネサンス建築を見出してください。 ピサの斜塔やピサ大聖堂などピサのドゥオモ広場の素晴らしい景色を堪能し、手付かずのまま残る城壁のあるルッカをお楽しみください。 続きを読む

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