Sonoran Desert

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The Sonoran Desert is a 100,000 square mile (260,000 square kilometers) arid region in North America that stretches across large portions of Arizona, California, and the northwest Mexican states of Sonora, Baja California, and Baja California Sur. Although it is the hottest of the four North American deserts, its distinct bimodal rainfall (raining heavily both in the summer and winter) makes the region extremely biologically developed and diverse. The Sonoran Desert is home to some of the most unique animal and plant life in North America, many of which cannot be found anywhere else. For example, the only remaining jaguar population in the United States (estimated between 80 to 120 jaguars), can be found in the Sonoran Desert. Other more well-known animals include roadrunners, gila monsters, cactus wren, and desert bighorn sheep.

Plants and animals are not the only life that thrives in the Soronan Desert. The desert maintains a rich Native American culture and is home to numerous tribes, including Pascua Yaqui, Seri, and the Gila River Indian Community. In addition, its warm winters attract a large resort and tourist population. Cities such as Palm Springs, Tucson, Scottsdale, and Phoenix are growing rapidly each year. Activities such as hiking, camping, and off-roading are extremely popular and are a great way to experience the desert’s majesty first-hand.
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