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Swan Valley

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It’s easy to indulge in gourmet food, great wines and river scenery on a great day out from Perth by taking a trip to the Swan Valley. Right on Perth’s doorstep, the Swan Valley kick-started the state’s flourishing wine industry.

The best way to experience the Swan Valley’s wineries, food outlets and scenery is by car or tour coach, following the Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail.

Sample wines at award-winning vineyards, buy a beer at a boutique brewery, see heritage buildings and colonial history at Guildford, and experience life on the Swan River with a cruise.



小グループ ツアー:スワン バレーの料理とワイン トレイル

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スピード デートを忘れて、スピード グレージング(レストランで各種の料理を少しずつ食べること)を始めよう(Forget speed dating and start speed grazing)。スワン バレーの最高の職人たちが生産しているあらゆるものを楽しむ新しい方法です! ...  続きを読む

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  • 言語: 英語
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