St George’s Cathedral

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St George’s Cathedral
Often thought of as the main street of Perth, St George’s Terrace is the major arterial road through the heart of the city.

Named after St George’s Cathedral, the terrace was initially home to a number of the cathedral’s staff. These days, St George’s Terrace is a must-see attraction for visitors to the city – both in its own right, and for the number of other attractions that line it.

Marked in the west by Barracks Arch, the terrace runs parallel to the Swan River. Historic buildings including the Old Treasury Buildings hint at the history of the streetscape. St George’s Square, London Court, His Majesty’s Theatre, Stirling Garden, Government House, St George’s Cathedral, and the Perth Concert Hall are just some of the key attractions that sit upon the terrace.

At just under 2km long, St George’s Terrace is easily navigable on foot. The Eastern end of the terrace continues on to become Adelaide Terrace, or walk down to the Esplanade and the water of the Swan River to take in the rest of what the area has to offer.
住所: 38 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA 6000, オーストラリア

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