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Army Museum (Musee de l'Armee)

Created in 1795 in the aftermath of the French Revolution, the Army Museum is fittingly located at Les Invalides in Paris, a complex of buildings containing museums and monuments relating to the military history of France. Its emblematic golden Dôme des Invalides has become one of Paris’ most iconic landmarks over time. The site was formerly used as a retirement home for war veterans, and is the resting home and burial site of France’s famous war heroes, including Napoleon Bonaparte – undeniably the museum’s most sought-after attraction.

The Army Museum contains some of the world's most prestigious old weapons and armour collections. It consists of seven main spaces and departments, with collections encompassing several eras, from antiquity through the 20th century: cannons, crown collections, swords, armors, works of art, artefacts from the feudal and royal armies, luxury weapons and privates' uniforms, including Napoleon’s iconic bicorne hat and most legendary portrait.



優先入場: パリ軍事博物館およびナポレオンの墓

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アンヴァリッドにある、エッフェル塔を眺める、象徴的な軍事博物館を訪れる際に、人混みを避けて、列に並ばずに済むようにしましょう。500000品もの興味深いコレクションに見とれたあと、ナポレオン1世の墓が奉られている、"アンヴァリッドのドーム教会" ...  続きを読む

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