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Bodleian Library

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The main research library of the University of Oxford and one of the oldest of its kind in Europe, the Bodleian Library is also one of the UK’s five "copyright libraries," famously housing a copy of every book printed in Great Britain—a collection that spans more than 11 million works. Founded by Sir Thomas Bodley in 1602, the Bodleian Library, or "the Bod" as it’s known to students, is actually a complex of libraries and reading rooms located in the heart of Oxford, including the domed Radcliffe Camera, the vaulted Divinity Room, the Duke Humphrey's Library and the Old and New Bodleian Libraries.

With its towering shelves of prized books and manuscripts, exploring the Bodleian libraries is a rare treat for book lovers, with everything from early manuscripts, biblical texts and ancient maps to rare literary editions, Oriental manuscripts and a large collection of original J.R.R Tolkien works.




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ウィンザー城、ストーンヘンジ、オックスフォードを巡るこのロンドン発の日帰り旅行で、イングランドの三大景勝地をご体験ください。 エアコン付きのバスでウィンザーに向かい、壮麗なウィンザー城を眺めます。ご希望の方はガイドから入場券を購入し、見事な城内を見学するツアーに参加できます。 ...  続きを読む

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