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Umeda Sky Building

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Modern architecture goes space age and skywards at the cutting-edge Umeda Sky Building.

Two glass towers soar 173 meters (567 feet) into the air, connected by a futuristic observation platform that provides amazing 360-degree views. Located on the 40th floor, visitors can find the stunning "floating garden" and observatory, along with a restaurant and bar. The SkyWalk observation deck is also popular among visitors who want to feel the fresh air from the 40th floor and get 360-degree views of the city below. For a change of pace and century, head to the base of the building to enter the old-fashioned Takimi Lane of Restaurants. Reproducing a Showa-era street, the precinct has a shrine, well, stone paving and enough restaurants and taverns to feed an army of visitors with delicious gourmet treats.




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大阪は「水の都」として1,500年の歴史があり、16世紀から19世紀までは日本の中心地でした。また、大阪は近代日本統一の父、豊臣秀吉の故郷でもあります。豊臣秀吉の城であった大阪城を訪れ、今もなお大阪が素晴らしい魅力を備えている理由、そして日本の台所として国民的に知られている理由を学びましょう。東京は日本最大の都市ですが ...  続きを読む

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