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Disney's Animal Kingdom

In this amazing place you're in a living storybook on a breathtaking adventure, filled with creatures real and fantastic. Animal Kingdom blends theme park and zoo, carnival and African safari, while mixing in a healthy dose of Disney characters, storytelling, and magic. Board a rickety jeep and ride through the Sahara, past zebras and lions, in Africa, or take a raging river ride in Asia, with Mt. Everest looming on the horizon. Here you can see Bengal tigers, huge fruit bats, Komodo dragons, and other exotic critters.

DinoLand U.S.A. evokes a fun-filled small-town fair, with its carnival-style rides, games and a herky-jerky thrill ride that transports you back in time. Let your heart sing along in a moving musical celebration of the circle of life at Festival of the Lion King. Here, every path and trail invites you to explore the awesome surprises of nature, with all the enchantment of Disney.




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ヘリコプターの遊覧飛行で、オーランドを空から眺めましょう。このツアーでは、シーワールド、ユニバーサルスタジオ、ウォルトディズニーワールドなど、有名なテーマパークの上空を飛行します。5つのルートが揃っていますので、オーランドでお目当てのスポットをすべて見ることができます。  ...  続きを読む

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  • 所要時間: フレキシブル
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