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Aquatica Orlando is a sister park of SeaWorld Orlando and Discovery Cove. It follows a South Pacific theme with Australian and New Zealand mascots such as Roa (kiwi), Wae Wae (a takahē), Wai (dolphin) and more. Aquatica Orlando features thrill rides, family fun adventures and several themed animal areas.

Dolphin Plunge is Aquatica Orlando’s signature thrill ride, in which side-by-side tube slides pass through a pool with a pod of Commerson’s dolphins. Hoo Hoo Run is another popular attraction that features a triple-dip multi-person raft slide, and Ihu’s Breakaway Falls is the tallest, steepest and only multi-drop tower of its kind in Orlando.

If you want to check out some animal exhibits, you don’t have to be on Dolphin Plunge or Loggerhead Lane to see the Commerson’s Dolphin exhibit. Another animal exhibit at Aquatica Orlando is the African Spurred Tortoises that are often found along the Sahara Desert’s southern edge.




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SeaWorld®オーランドで1日を過ごし、すばらしい海洋動物たちを間近に観察しましょう。 30以上の家族向けアトラクション、ショー、乗り物にアクセスできる入場チケットがあれば、家族全員でお楽しみいただけます。 このツアーは、米国に居住する方のみを対象としています。 続きを読む

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