Camp 18 Museum

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the Camp 18 Logging Museum is just a themed restaurant, but all of that logging memorabilia on display is serious business.

The sprawling log cabin-style building that is the Camp 18 Restaurant & Museum is on Highway 26 between Portland and Cannon Beach in the town of Elsie. It was built slowly, starting in the 1970s, as one man's personal dream. He is a former logger and mill owner who personally logged all of the timber used in the building. Don't miss the huge log beam that runs the length of the building – it's 85 feet long, the biggest ridgepole in the United States.

Around the restaurant building as well as inside, you'll see antique logging equipment, tools, other artifacts, and art on display. Near the restaurant is the Camp 18 Loggers' Memorial, honoring loggers who have died and featuring more exhibits of logging memorabilia.

Practical Info

Camp 18 got its name because it's located at Mile Post 18 along Highway 26, 56 miles from Portland. The restaurant and museum are open Sunday through Thursday from 7am-8pm and on Friday and Saturday until 9pm. The memorial is typically open Thursday through Sunday from 10am-4pm, but if it looks closed during open hours at the restaurant, ask at the shop and they can let you in.
住所: 42362 U.S. 26, Elsie, Oregon, アメリカ
営業時間: Sunday-Thursday 7am-8pm, Friday-Saturday 7am-9pm

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