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Manoa Valley

Manoa is both a valley and a neighborhood that's part of Honolulu. It's about three miles from downtown, and less than a mile from Waikiki Beach.

The Manoa Valley neighborhood is largely residential, though there is also a university campus here, and is surrounded by the tall, green mountains of the Ko'olau Range. In the 19th century, Manoa was the setting for Hawaii's first sugarcane and coffee plantations. Because of the geography and position of the Manoa Valley, it rains at least a little bit almost every day – rainbows occur frequently – and it is always incredibly lush. One of the main attractions is the 150-foot Manoa Falls.




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オアフ島の緑豊かな火山性熱帯雨林に隠された宝物を発見しましょう。1周1マイル(3.2キロ)のガイド付きツアーは、およそ75エーカー(30万平方メートル)の神聖な地を歩く中級のハイキングです。この地に入れるのは、当社のお客様だけ。 ...  続きを読む

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陽気にサイクリング、クルーズ、シュノーケリングを楽しんで、オアフ島を満喫しましょう! 緑豊かな熱帯雨林ときらめく海を、1日で探検します。 ワイキキのホテルへの送迎サービス、専門家による解説、マウンテンバイク、全装備、デリスタイルランチが付いています。 続きを読む

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