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オマハビーチは、世界第二次大戦において激戦となった場所です。1944年6月6日、アメリカ軍を主体とする連合軍が、ドイツに占領されていたフランスのノルマンディの海岸から上陸しました。オマハビーチは、史上最大の作戦とも言われるノルマンディ上陸作戦における5つの上陸地点の1つでした。  ...  続きを読む


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モンサンミシェル大修道院は北フランスを代表する歴史的建造物です。 平坦な白い砂の上にそびえ立つ細長い塔や巨大な砲塔。サン・マロ湾の小島の頂上に位置するこの大修道院は、分厚い城壁と胸壁に囲まれ、古い土手道で陸と繋がっています。 続きを読む

British War Cemetery

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The peaceful Bayeux War Cemetery is the largest of the 18 Commonwealth military cemeteries in Normandy. It contains 4,868 graves of soldiers from the UK and 10 other countries (including Germany, in ...  続きを読む

Pointe du Hoc

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Being the highest point between Omaha and Utah Beaches, the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc was an important location in the Atlantic Wall strategy of defense against the Allies. So on D-Day, it was an ...  続きを読む

Le Havre Cruise Port

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Le Havre is the original transatlantic port between Europe and North America, with luxury cruises and immigrants departing for New York from this historic port for over 200 years. Le Havre Port is ...  続きを読む

Bayeux Tapestry

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There are few 11th century artworks as famous as the legendary Bayeux Tapestry, which is so well known that it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage ‘Memory of the World.’ Measuring almost 70 meters ...  続きを読む

Abbaye aux Dames


The Abbaye aux Dames in Caen is also known as the Abbey of Sainte-Trinité, or the Holy Trinity Abbey. As one could guess, “Abbaye aux Dames” translates to Women's Abbey, and that's just what it ...  続きを読む



モンサンミシェル大修道院は北フランスを代表する歴史的建造物です。 平坦な白い砂の上にそびえ立つ細長い塔や巨大な砲塔。サン・マロ湾の小島の頂上に位置するこの大修道院は、分厚い城壁と胸壁に囲まれ、古い土手道で陸と繋がっています。 続きを読む

Bayeux Cathedral (Cathedrale Notre Dame de Bayeux)


A National Monument of France and one of Bayeaux’s most eye-catching monuments, the Bayeux Cathedral (Cathedrale Notre Dame de Bayeux) is best known as the original home of the Bayeux Tapestry (now ...  続きを読む



Brittany is the western-most region in France, a peninsula on the coast that stretches out into the Atlantic and well past the Greenwich Mean Time line of its neighbor across the English Channel. ...  続きを読む