Bird Kingdom Niagara Falls

Housed in a former Niagara Falls corset factory, Bird Kingdom houses hundreds of brightly plumed feathered fliers. Inside the multilevel rainforest—said to be the world’s largest free-flying indoor aviary—exotic birds perch on jungle foliage and soar overhead. Other residents include bats, snakes, tortoises, iguanas, and bearded dragons.
The Basics
This indoor aviary, located within a vast 50,000-square-foot (4,645-square-meter) complex, makes for a great family day out. Tickets grant you access to all exhibits within the facility, including the main aviary, the small bird aviary, a rare 19th-century teak Javanese house, and the Night Jungle, where artificial lighting lets you witness nocturnal rainforest creatures at their most active. You can interact with reptiles and birds at the Animal Encounters exhibit, as well as give nectar (included with admission) to colorful parrots during the feedings that take place several times daily at Lorikeet Landing.
Things to Know Before You Go
  • Bird Kingdom is ideal for bird enthusiasts and families. 
  • Allow around one to two hours to properly explore Bird Kingdom.
  • Bird-watching enthusiasts may want to bring binoculars to get a closer look.
  • Most of Bird Kingdom, except for the Javanese House, is accessible to wheelchair users.
How to Get There
The best way to get to Bird Kingdom is to drive. From Toronto, take Queen Elizabeth Way West to the Highway 420 exit. Paid parking is available at the corner of Hiram and River Roads. Bird Kingdom is less than a 5-minute walk from Rainbow Bridge, an official border crossing point between the US and Canada. If you’re coming from the US, allow extra time to cross the border.
When to Get There
Bird Kingdom is busiest from June through August, during Niagara Falls’ peak visitor season. Come just after opening to experience the aviary at its quietest.
Spectacular Species at the Bird Kingdom
Among the many birds in the Bird Kingdom aviaries are several rare and unusual species. Look for the double yellow-headed Amazon, an eye-catching parrot species with a bright green body and a yellow head; the hyacinth macaw, distinguished by its bright cobalt blue feathers; the African gray parrot, a famously talkative breed; and the surprisingly beautiful blue-crowned pigeon.
住所: 5651 River Road, Downtown, Niagara Falls L2E 7M7, カナダ
営業時間: Open daily, hours change seasonally.
入場料: Adults: CA$17.95

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ナイアガラの滝の野生の側面を体験してください。バード・キングダム(Bird Kingdom)は、世界最大の自由飛行屋内鳥類を特徴とするエキサイティングな動物保護区です!ライブフィード、活気のある展示、動物遭遇のような触れ合い体験などで、エキゾチックな鳥、魚、爬虫類、クモ形類に近づくのに時間を費やします。バード・キングダムは、ほぼ80種を代表する500以上の鳥類があり、すべての年齢の動物愛好家のための楽園です!モバイルチケットでは、携帯電話をスキャンしてアトラクションに直接入ることができます。
  • 所要時間: 2 時間
$15.53 USD
  • 所要時間: 2 時間
$15.53 USD


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