Fiordland National Park

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Fiordland is picture postcard New Zealand: all soaring mountains, rugged landscapes and stunning lakes. Within Fiordland you will find some of New Zealand’s ...  続きを読む

Franz Josef Glacier

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One of the fastest moving glaciers in the world, the Franz Josef Glacier is a spectacular river of ice. It is one of the world's steepest glaciers descending ...  続きを読む


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ミルフォードサウンドは、ラドヤード・キップリングに「世界8番目の不思議」と絶賛されたニュージーランド屈指の観光名所です。氷河によって垂直に削り取られた山々が、1,200m以上にわたって海面からそそり立つドラマチックな景観が広がり、世界遺産に登録されています。  ...  続きを読む

Ninety Mile Beach

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The North Island’s Ninety Mile Beach runs northwards along the west coast near Kaitaia all the way to Cape Reinga on New Zealand’s northernmost tip. This ...  続きを読む

Christchurch Tramway

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Hop aboard a vintage tram for a leisurely tour of central Christchurch. It’s the most relaxing, fun way to get your bearings and see the city's attractions ...  続きを読む

Larnach Castle

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Built between 1873 and 1887, the Larnach Castle is the only castle in all of New Zealand. Sitting on a beautiful 35 acres, the castle grounds and interior are ...  続きを読む

Christchurch Botanic Gardens

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Christchurch is known as the garden city, an Anglophile settlement of well-tended gardens and tree-lined streets. Pride of place in this flower-loving town ...  続きを読む

International Antarctic Centre

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Experience everything you want to know about the icy continent of Antarctica at the International Antarctic Centre, from indoor ice storms to ATV rides and ...  続きを読む


オークランドスカイタワーは、ニュージーランドで最も高い建物です。展望台では、周囲80kmにおよぶ壮大な景色が広がっています。スカイラウンジやオブザーバトリーレストランでは、飲み物や食事などを楽しみながら、360度のパノラマの絶景を望むことができます。  ...  続きを読む

Lake Manapouri

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Stunning Lake Manapouri surrounded by the majestic Cathedral Ranges and dotted with thirty-four islands, is beautiful and impressive. The mountains, which ...  続きを読む


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ダウトフルサウンドは、大自然が創造したフィヨルドの雄大な眺めが広がり、世界遺産に指定されるほどの絶景を誇ります。切り立った山々と緑の森林、複雑に入り組んだいくつもの入り江が美しく、「静寂の音」というニックネームがあるほど、波の音や風の音、そして鳥の鳴き声だけが広がる場所です。晴天から柔らかな日差しが降り注いでいている ...  続きを読む

Franz Josef Glacier Hot Pools

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The South Island of New Zealand is truly a land of enchanting fire and ice. Already known for the snowcapped Southern Alps and glaciers which lap their down ...  続きを読む

Waimakariri River

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Traveling from the Southern Alps to the Pacific Ocean, Waimakariri is a Maori term meaning “cold water.” Known for its scenery, the Waimakariri River is also ...  続きを読む

Mitre Peak

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Set smack in the middle of Milford Sound, Mitre Peak is the undisputed star in an already impressive show. Craggy, lonely and often shrouded in mist, this ...  続きを読む

Mona Vale

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Mona Vale is a sanctuary of calm in the midst of bustling Christchurch. Gardens lined with rhododendrons and camellia sit next to a brilliant fernery, and a ...  続きを読む