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St. Patrick's Cathedral

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Located at 460 Madison Avenue, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the largest gothic-style Catholic Cathedral in the country, as well as the seat of Timothy Michael Dolan, the archbishop of New York. Completed in 1878, St. Patrick’s Cathedral welcomes more than five million visitors each year who come to take part in mass, light candles, attend choir and organ recitals, participate in public programs and view the art and design of the building. Before entering, take in the white marble exterior, pinnacles and 330-foot twin spires reaching toward the sky. Inside explore the many chapels of the church, each one named after a different saint. Additionally, the Rose Window is 26 feet in diameter and showcases a masterpiece of 20th-century century stained glass art. Note: If you’re interested in visiting the crypt where all the Archbisophs of New York are buried you’ll need to make an appointment.




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ニューヨーク市の乗り降り自由ツアーで、自分だけの観光日程を作成しましょう! 乗り降り自由バスツアーは、ビッグアップルを隅々まで探索する理想的な方法です。活気のあるツアーガイドがあなたを楽しませながら情報をご提供しますので、眠らない街の今と昔をしっかり学ぶことができます! ...  続きを読む

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