Ogden Museum of Southern Art

A product of the art visionary Roger Ogden, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in the Central Business District of New Orleans. It contains an impressive collection of over 4,000 works, including paintings, sculptures, and photos, all displayed as part of the mission to further the appreciation of Southern art in the United States.

From the likes of Kendall Shaw, and William Grenier, and Robert Tannen, any New Orleans-goer looking for a finer appreciation of this unique and proud culture should not miss out on this expansive and informative museum. In collaboration with the Smithsonian and a part of the University of New Orleans, you will want to visit the Ogden’s exhibits, which have featured the famous photographs of David Rae Morris, and the sculptures of Martin Payton.

For an exceptionally special evening, attend the museums Thursday night after-hours, at 6 pm, where a variety of southern jazz, funk, and folk musicians perform for you.

Practical Info

The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, an experience for visitors of all ages, is located centrally from other New Orleans landmarks, making for a convenient day about town. Feel free to take the kids to the Louisiana Children’s museum, or the National World War II Museum, both located just minutes away, or just across the street is Contemporary Arts Center.
住所: 925 Camp Street, New Orleans 70130, アメリカ
営業時間: Open Wed - Mon 10am - 5pm. Closed Tuesdays.
入場料: Adults: US$10, Children (5 - 17yrs): US$5

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