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Bahá'í Temple (Lotus Temple)

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The Bahá'í Temple in Delhi is one of the most visited buildings in the world, attracting over 50 million people since it opened in 1986. Also known as the Lotus Temple for its distinct half-open lotus design, the belief behind the Bahá'í house of worship is that it should be open for all, regardless of denomination. There are however certain rules: no sermons can be delivered, no ritualistic ceremonies and no musical instruments can be played. There are also no religious images displayed.

Bahá'í temples must all be a nine-sided circular shape as set out in their scriptures, hence the solution of a lotus shape. Bahá'í is an independent religion founded around 1844. Their belief is in a mystic feeling with unites man with God and they do not dictate how that be done, hence their openness to other forms of worship within their temples.




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専属ガイドとともにデリーの有名寺院を巡り、平和で静穏な一日をお楽しみください。ISKCON寺院、ロータス寺院、デリーで2番目に大きいチャタプール寺院の複合施設を訪問します。ビルラ マンディル (ラクシュミー ナーラーヤン寺院)、有名なシーク グルドワーラー (シーク教の礼拝堂) を巡ります。さらには、グルドワーラー ...  続きを読む

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