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Bay of Fundy

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You’ll have to visit the Bay of Fundy twice to truly see what the fuss is about — its beauty, home to the world’s most dramatic tidal fluctuations, lies in contrasts. The giant 170-mile-long saltwater bay, sandwiched by sections of Canadian provinces Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, has just the right shape and depth to create a natural sloshing and funnel motion to amplify tides, ensuring a constantly changing inshore landscape.

In Joggins, Nova Scotia, in the bay’s upper reaches, “vertical tides” can see the sea drop 50 feet or more in a matter of hours — the erosion caused by the tides constantly exposes different 300-million-year-old fossils, which have earned the area a UNESCO World Heritage designation. In other locales, including Alma, St Martins and Dorchester Cape (New Brunswick), extreme low tides uncover and envelop up to three miles of seafloor twice daily. In summer, exposed flats become host to tens of thousands of migratory birds that feed on sea creatures.