Black River

The Black River is one of the longest rivers in Jamaica and flows west for 33 miles until it empties into the sea. The name derives from the river’s dark riverbed, which has obtained its hue from thick layers of decomposing vegetation that has stacked up over the years beneath the water. The Black River is easily accessible from the popular vacation spot of Negril and provides several different activities to fill a day with fun during your vacation in Jamaica.

Tubing and kayaking down the Black River are adventurous ways to experience the rapids here, and with the thick rainforest trees and plants surrounding the water, you’ll feel like you’re twisting and dipping your way through a tropical paradise, all while getting an adrenaline rush.

In a calmer part of Black River, close to the Caribbean Sea and the actual town of Black River, crocodile spotting is a popular pastime, and boats with expert guides take travelers out to the spots where crocodiles typically spend their days. See just how many you can spot of the hundreds that call the riverbed home.

YS Falls is also along the river and is made up of multiple levels of waterfalls with swimming holes at the bottom of each.

Practical Info

The most convenient way to reach the Black River is via an excursion, which will pick you up from your hotel, provide you with what you need for the day’s activities and then drop you back off at your hotel. If you’ve rented a car, it is also possible to explore the Black River on your own.
住所: Negril, Jamaica, ジャマイカ

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