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Bay of Naples

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The Bay of Naples is the body of water located between Naples, Italy and the Sorrentine Peninsula. It also refers to the region that borders the water and includes many worthwhile attractions. It's the perfect place to enjoy seaside relaxation, culture and history all within a few hours. The city of Naples can be a good hub for people interested in traveling throughout the area. Visitors can reach the famous ruins of Pompeii just a short distance away. An entire civilization was preserved here when Mount Vesuvius erupted almost 2,000 years ago.

Three popular islands in the Bay of Naples are Procida, Capri, and Ischia. Visitors can reach these islands by boat from Naples or Sorrento. Another impressive town that sits on the Bay of Naples is Sorrento, which is on the northern coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula. This quiet town attracts visitors due to its seaside views, and it is a good base for visiting Pompeii or the Amalfi Coast.




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