Marine Drive (Queen’s Necklace)

Stretching along the Arabian Sea from Nariman Point in the south to ritzy Malabar Hill in the north, Mumbai’s Marine Drive is an iconic palm-lined promenade that makes for an especially popular sunset stroll among couples, families and friends. Hugging the Mumbai coast, the two-mile-long boulevard’s nickname, Queen’s Necklace, makes perfect sense as day turns to night and the avenue’s lights shine like a string of glittering pearls along the bay.

As you stroll north past the wealthy Walkeshwar district, home to Mumbai celebrities and five-star hotels, you’ll come to Marine Drive’s famous Chowpatty Beach. This is a popular place to devour that famous Mumbai speciality — Bhelpuri — which is a beachside snack of puffed rice and vegetables slathered in tamarind sauce. The best time to visit Chowpatty Beach? Ganesh Chaturthi festival. This celebration happens every August or September, and thousands come to the shore to submerge huge Ganesh statues in the water. Marine Drive is also famous for its art deco buildings. In fact, the only place on the globe with more art deco builds along its beachfront is Miami. 

Practical Info

In the center of South Mumbai, which is the cultural and commercial heart of the city, there are public transport connections to Marine Drive (Queen’s Necklace) along the bay.
住所: Marine Drive, Mumbai, India, インド

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